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Coaching Basketball and Property Management

Coaching Basketball and Property Management

I love Tony Bennett, the University of Virginia men’s Basketball coach. I begin my first blog with this not because UVA men’s basketball is one of my favorite topics, even though it is. And for those who know me, it is not because I love college basketball and coaching, which I do. And it is not because Bennett is my favorite coach of all time, which he is.

I do it because I think property management—my profession- has one major thing in common with coaching. Philosophy determines destiny. What you believe rules you. If your convictions are deep and you believe in the method and message you preach, and your purpose is right you will serve well those whom you lead. Your players, their parents, and your employer will be glad you are coaching their team and serving them well.

Coach Bennett believes deeply in the foundations of the path he promotes. He has achieved success. But it is not flashy. It is not quick. And it is others-oriented. Humility and hard work are central to the message. Let others praise you and not your own mouth. The success and the wins do not necessarily garner raves and recognition. That does not matter to Tony Bennett. Someone who matters knows and cares. This is supremely consequential, everywhere in life. Tony Bennett is a Good Steward.

I do not know Bennett personally, but I know this. He believes in showing up and doing what is right and doing it well. The flash, the glamour, and the headlines will fade. What will remain is knowing he led well those under his charge. What will never fade is the thanks of those parents who entrusted their young men to his stewardship. Nor will the pleasure of his employers .—I hope!

But what about Real Estate Property Management and Coaching? What is the connection?

It is this. As a real estate property manager since 2005, I am a steward of other peoples rental property. But it is more. I oversee what is important to them. As a steward I have managed real estate tenancies, overseen stomach convulsing move outs and sloshed in water up to my knees at 2 am —in cold and dark places.

Why would anyone in their right mind subject themselves to this? I have asked myself this many times. I suppose it is a combination of Providence along with a change of careers, and the influence of a friend who was in Property Management that I ended up here.

But there are plenty of rewards and successes too, just like in any job or calling. This is true for all of us in life. Wherever we labor we must learn this lesson. Faithfulness matters! What we do when no one else sees matters. It is essential. If we labor or perform only when we think others are looking, or for a quick paycheck, we will not be Good Stewards.

It matters and we do it because it is a stewardship. I steward other people’s things. This is philosophy. I manage and care for other people’s possessions. I do it because It matters. It is stewardship.

The owners I work for are investing in a property which they hope will support them and their family. It matters that they can trust someone. And so they invest in me. They entrust their property to me to take care of as if it were my own.

The residents I serve trust that the property they rent will be kept in good repair. And they will be treated honestly, fairly, respectfully. Their Home depends on it. They entrust themselves to us in a very real sense.

Anyone can do property management, but not everyone is a steward.

It has been said, “Who then is the faithful and wise manager, whom his master will set over his household, to give them their portion of food at the proper time? Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes.”

Property Management is an old profession. It has been around ever since men and property and possessions have existed together. It is not easy. It is not trivial. It is necessary. It matters—to the owners and to the residents of the properties they manage. The best property managers are faithful stewards. Faithfulness matters. Hard work matters.Stewardship matters.

I do property management in Charlottesville, Virginia. From Nov of 2018 through March Madness 2019 I will go take my place regularly in an upper section of John Paul Jones Arena. I will be just one of tens of thousands who hoop and holler for our team.

UVA men's basketball will experience great success. Coach Bennett and our UVA team will win most of their games. Tony Bennett will coach as the good steward he is.

For me, I will hoop and holler and be encouraged to Good Stewardship, It is something that all of us need to learn. It matters.

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